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Load Up on Guns

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Mar. 25th, 2007 | 12:44 am
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One of the most prominent toys of my childhood was the Super Soaker water gun. Many a summer was spent fighting with the neighbors or those who dared to doubt my unrivaled arsenal. Below I've pieced together the history my collection based on memory and the hard-to-find but exceedingly detailed website I've linked to throughout.

First, I had too many dinky pistols to count. Technically they weren't Super Soaker brand, but they got lumped in with everything else. It wasn't a real fight unless you had one leaking in your pocket.

The Super Soaker that introduced me to the craze was the 50, the model that quickly became the standard issue. After a very short while with this model I took to telling my parents that I needed a replacement just to add more to the collection. They were of a shaky construction and a tendency to leak, but this is the gun that changed the face of summer warfare.


One 20 and two 30s helped to build my collection soon after, but they weren't very popular because of the amount of water they held for their size. Come to think of it, if they had been just a bit smaller they would have replaced all the crappy, leaky pistols. But their addition to the collection was proof that I'd buy anything labeled Super Soaker after using the 50.


The 100, added soon after, was the well deserved king for a good long while. I only had one and it was coveted by all. The 100 inherited some of the construction issues of the 50, but it didn't matter as much because of its capacity, handling and intimidation factor. The reserve tank was also a stroke of design genius.


I had at least one 60, and I was very close to replacing all of the 50s with 60s, funds permitting. They were more rugged, didn't leak nearly as much, and were built more like a remodeled 100 with sacrificed capacity. That same year, the XP series launched. If I had gone with the 60s, I would have wasted the cash and missed out on some of the best guns, and toys, I can remember.


As the neighborhood arms race accelerated, weapon collection became even more frantic. The 200, which was of an almost identical construction to the 100, held twice the water capacity and so I snatched one right up without a second thought. However, while the 200 was useable and rarely in need of a refill, it was a gun built for a stationary gunner and not the forward infantry. It did nothing to address the crumbling 50s and overworked 100.


With aging weaponry that had taken a beating, there came a tipping point. That point manifested in the simultaneous purchase of two bazooka-style guns, the Super Soaker Bow and the Power Soaker (I don't recall if the Power Soaker was a Super Soaker brand, or if the linked-to model was the one I possessed). The Bow was entirely unsightly and unwieldy, and held too little water for its intended function. On the other hand, the Power Soaker, stationed next to a bucket and pile of water balloons was the next best thing to turning the hose on the enemies.


After being forced to stretch the 50s and one 100 to their respective breaking points, the Super Soaker brand finally delivered with two guns worthy of a higher number. The XP75 and the XP150 addressed each and every criticism one could bring to bare on their predecessors. Heavier plastics had made dropping the guns inconsequential, leakage had been entirely eliminated, and capacity had been retained and improved. The XP75's tank extended nearly the entire length of its body, while the XP150 even introduced a second reserve tank, neither of which sacrificed any handling whatsoever. Both models breathed new life into the water gun warfare that had only grown stale due to crumbling gear as opposed to lack of interest.


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from: teenryan
date: Apr. 7th, 2007 04:33 pm (UTC)

Candice and I super soaked someone she disliked in college- it was so wrong...we stalked this person and then nailed her from Candy's car. I then had to share a bus stop with the girl we soaked and tryed not to look guilty whenever she scowled at me. It was ridiculous.

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from: mabino
date: Apr. 7th, 2007 11:04 pm (UTC)

I'm sure there were worse things Candice thought of doing. That sounds pretty tame.

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